Update Jan 28 2007

Christmas's passed more than a month ago, the last update had already been more than two month ago. So it's time for a new update. I changed the layout of the first page, I hope you like it! Then I added two texts to the project's site and you can look up all old Updates in the history from now on. I'm afraid there isn't anything further on, but maybe there will be some photos or so soon.

Update Nov 12 2006

Here's a little Update. I added two missing translations from the German Site, updated my Profile and the page about my pets. Furthermore there are plenty of new photos. I know it's not much, but hey, better than nothing. ^_°

And before I forget: A very best and beloved "Happy birthday" to my Sonne!

Update Sep 26 2006

What has happened here? Don't worry, this still is Due to the 3rd anniversary of my website I thought a whole new layout would be okay. I hope now it's more clearly, has got lower loading times and is a bit more sereously. I really loved the old layout, especially "my" bubbles, and I hope I will be fine with the new one, too. Please let me know when something should be improved or changed. Or wether you don't like the new layout at all and want the old back.

So let's see what's new:
  • everything is css-based now and there shouldn't be any problem with any of the common browsers (IE, firefox, netscape...)
  • small loading-times because of less big pictures
  • I added my photos, which before had an own site
  • of course I added a lot of new pictures there
  • "Music of the Moment" is going to show you the songs on the go, that I'm listening to...depending on me being online and listening to music. Thanks again to derzuspäte who helped me with the plugin
  • I checked every page if it's uptodate and changed the information if necessary
  • the overall order and navigation had been improved
  • from every page you can easily change to the same part of the german site
  • you can find some of my selfmade Wallpapers for your desktop
  • what else is new you shall find out by searching the website

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