Belana of Chestnut tree
Our Golden Retriever Belana joined our family in November 2001. As her race suggests, she's a retrieving dog and loves to work with DUmmies as well as playing with balls and other toys that are thrown away. Just typical Retriever, she's a water rat and even goes in the cold water in winter. Lana's always been a big bullhead and never did what we wanted. This only recently changed a bit in the last years (due to getting older?). Nevertheless she's very dynamic and playful like a puppy and on the other hand Lana is very sensitive and loves to cuddle a lot.

 Euphrosine of Chestnut tree
Euphrosine - or "Sine" - means "the cheerful" and came to us in summer 2005. Typical being a young dog she's very playful and is full of mischief. And typical Retriever she's very froward and bullheaded - that seems to run in the family. Sine drags along everything she gets: newspapers, mobiles, bottles. Sine als comes along with my cat Kitty pretty well. Kitty even calls on her to play. I'm only anxiety for my cat when she's halfway in Sine's mouth...

Kitty is still quite young (about 2 years) and yet had already had some bad experiences. We got her from a pet-hospital in Erfurt. She's been there, because she was badly hurt and it's likely that this was because of a car accident. After 3 months staying in the hospital we gave her a new home.
Meanwhile you don't notice her actual injury anymore. Kitty - typically cat - is pretty hardheaded, if you don't give her her food in time or the claimed attention she'll noticeably let you know this. Besides she is - except her playing time - a pretty loveable and cuddly. Anyway, most of the time she sleeps in some comfortable corner of the appartment.

There'd been new blood and since February 2007 the little tomcat Taiga is part of our family. He had settled down at once, although there were some starting problems with Kitty. Now he is busy growing and explores the flat a bit further everyday.

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