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Hey. Like you proberbly already know my name is Anke and I'm a 20-years-old girl from Germany. I live in a city called Jena and study Biology here, now. Nevertheless, I've been to Bangor in Northwales for a year. Before I went to a special part for Maths and Sciences of the Carl Zeiss Gymnasium (middle school). I'm very intrested in the ocean and marine sciences, marine mammals in particular. Furthermore I'm very fascinated by other countries and cultures. Besides I like astronomy and cosmology. Following some more information about me.

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age: always getting older, but hey, you're as old as you feel!
birthday: 09/25/1987
height: not tall, only 5'102'' (about 1.58 m)
weight: 99.208 lbs (47 kg)
sign of the zodiac: Libra and in the chinese one I'm a bunny
pets: my cats Kitty and "Taiga and our Golden Retrievers Belana and Sine


Books: Science Fiction, Fantasy, humorous books, science, travel books
Movies: Every Star Trek movie (well almost), The Lord of the Rings, Whalerider, almost every movie with Jackie Chan (like 'Rush Hour 2'), Hero, Little Buddah, Little Panda, Finding Nemo, Brother Bear, Mulan and other Disney movies, 7 years in Tibet, The Last Unicorn, Pirates of the caribbean, Finding Neverland; as well as parodies like Galaxy Quest or "Schuh des Manitu" or "Traumschiff Surprise: Periode 1". Furthermore I like German social movies as "Goodbye Lenin", "Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei" and "Sommer vorm Balkon".
Music: I like different kinds of Rock very much, especially PunkRock. I like movie soundtracks and Musicals as well. Besides the music I like is very mixed and reaches from Metal to Chillout, Songwriters and GDR-time music. Still, I don't like Techno, Trance/House, HipHop and Rap and German Folk at all. Besides, I'm open to almost everything.
Songs: it's always changing, but these and these
Singers and bands: (alphabetically ordered) Avril Lavigne, Bon Jovi, Cranberries, Die Prinzen , Die Toten Hosen, Evanescence, Farin Urlaub, Greenday, Karat, Kelly Clarkson, Nickelback, Phil Collins, Pink, Reinhard Mey, Revolverheld, Silbermond, Silly, Snow Patrol, The Fray, Wise Guys ...
Actors: Kate Mulgrew, Roxann Dawson, Robert Duncan McNeil, Johnny Depp, Keisha Castle-Hughes, Robin Williams, Jackie Chan, Viggo Mortensen, Whoopie Goldberg, Tom Hanks
Food: The best Dish from all around the world is the Chinese food. Furthermore I love Italian like noddels and Pizza and some German like Dumpings with red cabbage and potatos with curd cheese (<~ Does this anybody know?).
Animals: Most of all Dolphins and Whales, but also Panda Bears (the big and the small), Wolves, Racoons, Kiwis, ocean Turtels, Platipuses and many many more.
Subject:(in school) Geography, Biology, Physics, English (even though lessons were boring) and otherwise I like Maths; (in university) Zoology
Country: China, the Azores (Portugal), New Zealand
Flower/Plant: bamboo, sunflower
Clothes: Jeans with as many pockets as possible, dark/black shirts or sometimes colorful (especially turquoise, red, orange), caped sweaters and jackets, and it must be comfortable

 What else you might wanna know

Quote: "You should not always do, what seems wise. You need to learn to follow your wishes." (Anne Collet's uncle)

positive ~: cheerful, easy-going, outgoing and loving to make friends, adventurous, independant, self-confident, alway laughing, ambitious, all-round interested, helpful, optimistic, not unforgiving, I forgive fast
negative ~: often drop a brick, sometimes being annyoing and flashy, it's hard to accept failures and mistakes, plumply, sometimes easyly huffy, I need a lot of attention, very bad memory, sleepy, extremely grumpy in the morning, impatient

  • always talking
  • often leave out umlauts in German in the Internet
  • I can't throw anything away
  • addicted to light and therefore have a lot of candels and lambs, the more colorful the better
  • as said my clothes are either dark, especially black or darkblue, or they're colorful
  • extremely perfectionistic
  • like to eat flour
  • disorderly
  • I let my tea stand for quite a long time, sometimes I even foregt to drink it. And because it's too hot to drink I sometimes put the cup in the freezer if I'm in a hurry
  • although I have glasses I don't wear them often and only if I really need them (as I couldn't see something important clearly without them).

    What else is important to know:I'm one of the greatest chaotic persons and I live with the quote in mind 'Order is something for lil' ghosts, the genius rules over the chaos'. I'm a little crazy and almost always happy. Only if I'm in a bad mood you shoud stay away. I'm mega curious and sometimes a bit annyoing, but all in all I'm a easy-going person. I'm a all-round positive thinking person.

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