Songs of my life
01. A song... from your earliest childhood.
Stefanie Hertel - Über jedes Bachl führt a Brückl
Aqua - Barbie Girl

02. Songs... which you associate with your big love.
DTH - Bonnie & Clyde

03. A song... which reminds you on a holiday.
DTH - Walkampf
Die Ärzte - Westerland

04. A song... of which you wouldn't say loud in the puplic, that you like it.
hm actually none, generally I have no problem telling people what I like

05. A song... which guided you through Liebeskummer.
ee...dunno anymore...

06. A song... which you probably have listened to the most in your life.
too many...
DTH - Bonnie & Clyde
DTH - Walkampf
Starlight Express - Next Time you fall in Love
Tanz der Vampire - Tanz der Vampire
America - The last unicorn

07. A song... which is your favorite instrumental.
Conquest of Paradiese
Enya - Memory of Trees
Apocalyptica - some

08. A song... which represents one of your favorite bands.
DTH - Helde&Diebe, Freunde
die Prinzen - Revolution, Deutschland

09. A song... which somehow represents yourself or you feel being understood in a certain way.
Tabaluga (Peter Maffey) - Ich wollte nie erwachsensein
Phil Collins - No way out
Paul van Dyk - Wir sind wir

10. A song... which reminds you on a special occassion (and which).
DTH - Bonnie&Clyde (-> a special eye contact and much more)

11. A song... which you like and which is Hip Hop / Rap.
Falco - Amadeus
Falco - Jeany
Fettes Brot - An Tagen wie diesen

12. A song... with which you can chill the best.
Enya - Memory of Trees

13. A song... which represents a very good time of your life.

14. A song... which is your favorite at the moment.
DTH - Bonnie & Clyde
Daniel Powter - Bad day
Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway
Silbermond - Symphonie

15. A song... which you would widmen your best friend.
DTH - Freunde
Reinhardt Mey - Lilienthals Traum

16. A song... of which you have the feeling, that nobody else listens to it.
Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu and North Shore Children's Choir - Hawai'ian Roller Coaster Ride

17. A song... which you most like because of its lyrics.
actually all...
Tanz der Vampire - Unstillbare Gier
Phil Collins - No way out
DTH - Nur zu Besuch
Cranberries - Zombie

18. A song... which is neither German nor English and that you like.
Enya - Adieums
Moana - Tahi
Rong zu er - Fang da jing

19. Songs... you can power out the best with.
DTH - Friss oder stirb
Apocalyptica - some
System of a down - some

20. A song... which should be played on your furnery.
Karat - Schwanenkönig

21. A song... which you think is the best of all time.
Karat - Schwanenkönig
Queen - The Show must go on

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