Some facts before
Whales belong to the biggest animals on earth. They and the dolphins are marine mammals, that means, they need oxygen to live, just like humans. In fact, all dolphins are whales, just a little bit smaller than there big relatives.
Whales spend there whole time in and under the water of the oceans of earth. They can't get out of the water because they've got a special body-building, perfect for living in water.
The biggest whale of the world and the biggest mammal is the blue whale, but I think dolphins are more famous than them. The "little whales" had saved lifes thousands of years ago, yet. But it isn't just a tale or a legend. Specialists have already found out, that the dolphins do so in reality. They think that drowning people are members of their pod and they want to help them. Dolphins always worry about the others.
Almost all whales have this kind of life in groups. They help each other if one member is in danger, they haunt together or they just are together because it's a better and saftier feeling to be in a group.

For or against whaling
But today it's dangerous for a whale or dolphin to live in a group. Dolphin pods often get into fishing-nets and can't get out of them (e.g. trawler). Then usually they get in panic, swim around searching for a hohle and not seldom they choke, because they can't get air anymore. Often the fishermen don't worry about that or help them to find a way out of the net.
Whale groups are in danger when whale-hunters have seen them. They often just want to kill one animal, but the others are attacked too, when the killers try to get one of them.

I am against the whaling of Norway or Japan. For what do they need the blubber, the bones and the oil? Or do they just kill for "fun"? That wouldn't be social.I'm against the whaling of the inuits, too. They say it's part of their culture to kill some whales. I think they needn't to kill whales in our time, to held their culture alive. Okay, they make tools out of the bones and tents of the skin, but I guess it can be handeled, if they don't use whales, too. An other fact for whaling is, that we also eat meat as a part of culture. Or the people who live in Asia. But these pigs we eat have been breeded, or the the cats in China. Have you ever seen a plenty of breeded whales?
Whales and dolphins have become seldom over the world and I think it's too much, when the inuits "just" kill 60 whales per year. 60 big animals, that's too much; every whale that's been killed is too much. For me it would be okay, if they'll kill one whale per year for their culture. But killing 60 whales for culture isn't something else than just killing for fun. When they've been killing whales thousands of years ago, that's okay. They had to do that to survive, but today there is no need to haunt the whales, not in our time today. I see no reason to kill 60 (or 59, or 58,...) threated lifes. That's because i'm against whaling.

(Anke, 2002)

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