Whale Watching Regluations

All boats must obey official rules during the trups in order to avoid stress for the animals. The most important rules are:

  • There shouldn’t be more than 3 boats at a time inbetween 150m around an animal or a group.
  • The minimum distance of 50m towards whales and 100m towards calves must be kept,except for having an special scientific admission.
  • It is forbidden to pass through a pod, to hunt or to encircle animals and to separate calves from their mothers.
  • If the animals show explicit signs of disturbance, all boats have to leave immediately at a slow pace.
  • There mustn’t be be more than 2 swimmers in the water at once. Boats must check wether there already areother swimmers in the water and must not let their own customers go into the water if this is the case, even if they offer the option “Swimming with dolphins” as well.
  • Swimming with whales is forbidden except for having an special scientific admission.
  • Skippers have to pay attention, that the general rules of swimming with dolphins are abided.
  • There are special rules for spermwhale observations on the Azores: the maximum speed of the vessel is predetermined and the boat must come in a 45°-angel from behind.

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