Marine biology
The oceans of the world make up the biggest and most important part of our planet. Therefore it is called "blue planet", too. Approximately 70 percent of its surface are covered with water. Still, we don't know much about the seas. It is said that space is more explored and we certainly know more about the backside of the Moon than about or own oceans.

The exploration of the oceans started about 100 years ago. For centuries they had been a dangerous barrier for the adventurers, researchers and conquistadors, when they explored and entered new worlds. Only beginning in the 19th century they have been explored and exploited theirselves. Legends of shallows and monsters of the oceans were replaced by the knowledge about their geological, hydrological and biological systems.

The marine biology is a important part of the ocean sciences and deals with life forms and life processes in the seas. Very important is research which gives insight into behaviors, habitats, nutritions and possible migration of the different species. Marine biology itself has different parts which deal with plants, fish, mammals and so on.

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