Cosmology comes from the greek "kosmos"="Universe" and "logos"="word" and is the science of the universe. It especially deals with different models of the universe, its creation and possible future. The cosmology is a quite young science, because it depends on several explorations like the theory of relativity and the expansion of the universe. Until now, the most important periode was in the 60s and 70s of the last century. In this time the most discoveries and the today used models were made.

Cosmology observes the universe as a whole. The problem is, that were are in it ourselves and therefore can't see it independently and externally. There are no possibilities of comparison. Another problem is, that all the processes are very slow and the information you get is from the past.
Many people have problems understanding the different parts of the cosmology, because everything is only theory, noting is prooved and there are no demonstrative experiments.

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