I love reading, not only in my spare time. Wherever I go, I take a book with me, although I might not have any time to read there. I try to read every minute i can catch. But I don't read everything. I almost especially read Science Fiction, Fantasy and sometimes Biographies or History. I don't like Lovestories, Horror or Thrillers at all. Very much I like to read Star Trek books books by Wolfgang Hohlbein, J.R.R. Tolkien or Federica DeCesco. But I don't read a book because it's written by a special author; when a book sounds nice I'll have a deeper look.

 Star Trek

I've made my passion for Star Trek to a hobbie. I read much, watch the television shows and movies or write FanFics. Sometimes I take part in RPs and go to conventions.


I like looking at the stars and learn new information about newest exploreations, discoveries or developing-theories of the universe. It's a pitty I can't do "Star-looking" very often because it's a fact you just can see them by night, and as a student I need to sleep then. But I read very much in magazines or discuss with my friend Tanja about topics like "chaos-theory", "wormholes" etc.

 foreign cultures

I don't know when I was first intrested in other cultures, but I'm very intrested in China since class 5/6 when I got my penpal. I'm especially intrested in the old cultures like Babylons, Egypts, Inkas, Maya, Maori, Aboriginies or Greek and Chinese. They knew things in a time, which Europeans discovered or invented hundreds and thousands of years later. I like China most, because the people are so different and because of their long history. Such a huge kingdom could exist more then 2000 years and they had inventions like paper, "china", bookprinting or some kind of dynamite so early.


Once a week I've got chinese lesson and I learn it since Oktober 2001. Chinese isn't very hard to learn - what many won't believe now. Very hard is to remember the characters, because one character stands for one whole word and might have many different meanings. Also very hard is the pronaunciation, because if you prounaunce a syllable in another way, it means something different then. But the chinese grammar is very easy and logically constructed. It's not like german or french that you have a different verbstructure for a different person and if you want to say something in past you just need to add a single character/syllable.


I like to just play a bit on my piano. Now I can go to piano lessons too because I found some time. It's fun but it also needs much time for practicing. Altuhough I played keyboard for more then 7 years, it's something differnt. My favorite are classical music, Richard Clayderman and Musicals.


If I don't do any of the other hobbies then most of the time I'm sitting in front of the computer and work on homepages. Most of the graphics I do by myself and of course I write all the code on my own. Those sometimes need much time.


Well, what should I say. I love swimming!
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