Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)

Zoological classification:
realm: animals
phylum: Chordaanimals (Chordata)
subphylum: vertebrate (Vertebrata)
class: mammals (Mammalia)
Order: whales (Cetacea)
Suborder: toothed cetaceans (Odontoceti)
Family: Delphinidae II

Habitat: near coasts, in self-contained seas like black sea, red sea, mediteranian sea, gulf of california and gulf of Mexico, sometimes offshore

Length: up to 12'8'' (3,9m)

weight: 68-124lbs (150-275kg)

Life expectancy: up to 30 years, in shank up to 50 years

food: fish, squid, crustaceans

group size: near the cost up tp 10 animals, open sea up tp 500 animals. Normally 25 animals, rarely single animals

new generation: normally 1 young, exception 2

Submerged depth: 16'3''- 162'6'' (5-50m), but until circa 1950' (600m) if needed

dipping duration: 3-4 Min., but also 15 Min

other characteristic: The bottlenose dolphin is the most popular dolphin around the world. He's easy trained and learns very fast, that's why it's often seen in dolphinariums. Characteristic is the grey color, which is darker near the fin and brighter at the belly. It's typically that it's very curious and as said the high adaptability. The bottlenose dolphin is in it's occurrence areas very frequently.

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