151 questions...
1. name: Anke
2. nicknames: Ankchen, dings, Ankaa, (little) Anky (english pronounciation of 'Anke')
3. e-mail:
4. What are the names of your parents? Carmen und Karsten
5. sex: female
6. birthday: 09/25/1987
7. place of birth: in a hospital
8. your place(s) of residence(s): Jena
9. place of residence at the moment: Bangor
10. assigned?: hm?
11. height: cute 5'102'' (about 1.58 m)
12. shoe size: D 37/38
13. skin color: what? well, the summer a bit darker or so...
14. eye color: blue with a little grey
15. And your hair color?: brown, in the summertime darkblonde-brown
16. Do you have got body piercing? I've got earrings, does that count?
17. Do you have got a tatoo? nope, but I often use my hand as a notebook
18. Do you have got pets? sure. 1 kitty and two dogs
19. Do you have got favorite animals? sure. veeeerrryy many...
20. How much do you like your job? job? okay, I don't have any at the moment, but I loved going to school and being there
21. school: not at the moment
22. Do you have got a boyfriend? yup
23. Do you have got a heartthrob? hey, I've got a "bird"! That's enough
24. Every fallen into love, yet? er, yes?
25. Which is the place where you want to be kissed? to be honest I can't tell any special place. I mean, I don't really care, what counts is that it's the right person and the right time. Every place can be THAT place, you see, the "right" place...
26. Did you ever love someone so much, that you had to cry? sadly, yes (even though it's not his fault)
27. At the moment, is there anybody who's so much important to you, that you would cry about him? yes
28. Ever drunk? I'm a convinced non-alcoholic
30. Ever been drunk? no -.-
31. Ever Jumped from a bridge yet? bungee-jupmping isn't healthy ...
32. Have you ever broken something? no
33. Every tried to cheat during an exam? no, my conscience is stronger
34. At the moment, what's the best thing in your life? at the moment there's a lot that's just great, that I can experience so many things and that many persons, who are important to me, encourage me on my way
35. Which was the horriblest moment in your life? the uncertainty after the special-school-entry-exam; the doubts wether I really should go to Whales; to have hurt somebody who is really important to me
36. What is the best thing you got to know in your life? "The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is to love, and to be loved in return", being loved, loving, having a goal, helpfullness, support, trust
37. What (at the moment or in general) would be the worst thing that could happen to you? being alone/lonly, being helpless, can't go my way anymore, being left, getting reproachs
38. The worst feeling you know? when you've done something and you know that it was wrong, but can't change it anymore or make it never happen; helplessness, doubt, to hurt somebody unintendetly
39. When was the last time you cried and why? sadly this isn't long ago...but why that doesn't belong here
40. What do you most like at your friends? that they listen, that they help if you need help, that they understand you as you are, that you can have a lot of fun with them
41. Which version do you think is more believeable: Big Bang or Adam & Eva Big Bang!!!
42. Do you believe in god? hey, I know god personally, and god's son *rofl*, I don't believe in god
43. If you could be invisible, what would you do or rather where would you go? ;-) oh, there suddenly are a bunch of new you really believe I will tell you? ;).
44. Whom would you like to read the mind, if you were able to? hm...dunno...some politicans, some of my class maybe
45. What was the last thing you dreamed? er....i always forget what i dreamed and that what I remember, really, you don't wanna know this
46. Do you believe, humans come in the heaven after the death? no, expect we really want it *g* => if you have got really really much money, you can have a funeral in space if ya want...
47. Do you believe in some kind of a same mind between humans? no, actually not
48. Do you think things happen by chance or predetermineable? no, I don't believe in happenings by chance, even though a lot things happened in the last time that made me doubt a bit, neither in predeterminance
49. How do you imagine death? er, never really thought about that...
50. Buried or cremated? creamted and then throwing the ashes in the ocean would be nice
51. Your plane is going to crash, but you have the possibility to send one person a short message, who would that be? the plane is going to crash? O.o only one person? damn that's hard...
52. If you get the know, you still have one year left to live, what would you do in this year?I would try to do everything I ever wanted to do, visit all my friends and good relatives
53. If you just someone in your past could slap in the face (in a situation you didn't do it) who would that be and why? oh, there are many persons, but most of all myself...why? that doesn't fit here
54. Are photos important to a memory (people, vacation etc.)? yeah. photos are very important to me, they remember me of all the great things, experiences... and therefore make me feel happy
55. Your house is burning, everybody's safe, but you still have time to rescue one last thing, what would it be? the house is burning? O.o why are there only catastrophies in here? Are the pets safe? Something with a lot of memories, a personal gift or photos
56. When was the last time you yelled at somebody and regreted it later? I always regret when I yell at somebody, I don't like it...but sometimes rage overcames you :(
57. Is it easy to accept help? Well that depends...actually I do accept help, but if I really want to do something alone, it's hard to help me, I'm pretty hard-bitten
58. Do you have more male or female friends? male as well as female...whyever that's important
59. Ever had the wish to be the opposite sex? no...don't think so *lol*
60. What do you think: is it easier for men or women in our culture? Men...X_X
61. What is liberty for you? I once read a great quote: "The liberty of men is not that he can do what he want, but that he doesn't have to do what he doesn't want to." (Jean-Jaques Rousseau)
62. What party would you vote for, if there was election-day today? actually I'm fully behind my opinions, but I don't think that this fits here. Those who should or could know it, already do.
63. Do you go to the army? no, I hate wars and besides the question doesn't concern to me. If, I would do community service...anyway, I hope I would be exempted from military service
64. If you could live in whole luck for one year, but can't remember it after that, would you do that? If not, why? no I wouldn't do that, 'cause in the same time I swim in luck so many people are feeling bad and the worst thing is, if I can't remember that. That can't be!
65. rich and lucky or poor and lucky? poor and lucky
66. Would you kill an innocenced person, if that would end all the hunger in the world? no. it wouldn't help anyway and in fact, killing, I can't do that!
67. Wanna be famous? ;-) Sure who doesn't want? No, honestly, I don't want...not so Hollywood-superstar-babe-like. If it was for changing something in the world to the positive or in Science, hey why not?
68. How would it change your life, if somethinge happen that makes you less atractive? (nice said, isn't it?! *g*) huh? I guess I didn't get it. Well, don't think there will change much...but anyway there is the question first: "Am I attractive (at the mom)?
69. If you could do something without conseqences, what would that be? tell the politicans my opinion
70. How important is the outward appaerrance of a person for you? I look if the clothes are e.g. teared or goth or just very expenisve clothes or something...I don't like that very much, because with that you can think a bit about the character of this person then
71. Are eyes important ? I think they're very important, like somebody looks etc. I often can say if I like somebody or not just how the person looks (tired, angry, etc.) and eye-contact of course
72. Do you trust people quickly? depends...this is different, but the most I meet (and I like) I trust very fast
73. If you could change anything your parents do, what would you change? it's not much and it doesn't belong here
74. Is your brother/sister important to you? don't have any
75. Wich phases are typical for you? huh, phases? well, I really can be depressed, I can be very anyoing and very weird. I really think the most typical is the happy-everythingisfine-goodmood-phase
76. Do you think you live your bad mood phases? well, think so....if i'm depressed I really can be shit..and I don't wanna other persons to feel it, which isn't too easy
77. What do you do when yer bored? I'm not often bored for I live double quick...and if so, I bother people *muahaha* or I look for something to do, there's always something. Being bored longterm really annoys me.
78. Any habits, you always need to do? yeah, doesn't everybody have some? *g*...sitting on the desk even if there's a chair, laughing a lot and loudly, saying some words again and again, and my hughe talkativeness
79. What do you do if yer nervous? drumming my fingers on the desk (I do know that it's annoying, sorry), walking all around our flat, talking even more
80. Every had the thought to commit suicide or something like this? no
81. Do you remember any experiance (bad or funny) in your chilhood?er, there are many...*thinking* ...once I fell in the child-swimming pool at my grandma's bday, with all my clothes
82. Which 3 things except family/friends would you bring along to a lonely island? a BIG book, paper and pen, hm...maybe another book ^^'
83. Every got punished for a crime? did none yet
84. Do you have a secret, nobody knows of? sure
85. If you could transform into an animals, which would you choose? I think I would like to be an eagle and see the world from above
86. Do you prefer coffee or ice-cream? what about iced coffe? *lol*, no don't like this. But I like coffee black and Stracciatella (ice cream)
87. Favorite Salad dressing? no idea
88. Favorite movie? almost all SciFi, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, natur movies, documentations about other cultures, movies from China (e.g. "7 years in Tibet"), movies with Jackie Chan, Galaxy Quest, and many Disney-movies, German social movies, funny movies and parodies
89. Favorite dish? Chinese and Italian, and else potatoes and curd cheese, fruits, pizza, almost everything except meat
90. Do you have a favorite day? actually not
91. Favorite drink? Tea (Earl Grey, black, green), Orange juice, Milk, coffee
92. Favorite color? blue, tourquoise, ocean-colors
93. Snack? chocolate, chocolate, chocolate... yeah, I'm addicted
94. Favorite TV-show? VOYAGER!!! and Xiao Shi Yi lang (chinese TV-series)
95. Do you have a favorite restaurant? yeah, it's called "Shanghai" or so, and our Italiean in the Mall
96. Favorite flower? flower: sunflower; plant: bamboo, palmtree
97. Favorite sports? swimming, diving, skiing, snowboarding, gymnastics, rock-climbing, hockey, table tennis, kungfu
98. Favorite Fast-Food Restaurant? actually I don't like fast food, but KFC was fine (in China ^^)
99. Favorite holidays? huh? no idea, maybe summer holidays?!
100. Favorite place of vacation? where I've already been of where I wanna go?
a) where I've been: That's hard because I love every place for another reason. China, Pico/Azores, Corsica, ...
b) where I wanna be: New Zealand and Australia
101. Where would you prefer being now? at my boyfriend's, together with certain friends, with my sis in China, on Pico, at home
102. Which is your favorite country (Germany doesn't count)? China
103. How many CDs? need to count
104. What are you listening to at the moment?
105. Favorite songs? ~>these
106. Which toothpaste do you use? Theramed
107. What's the color of your socks? huh? okay, it's grey-black....says everything, doesn't it? *g*
108. lucky number? 5, 42
109. What's the color of your wallpaper? white
110. What's below your bed? space
111. Your first thought in the morning? Getting up again?...what's the time...What's the day?
112. In which store would you use your creditcard till maximum? bookstore, Star Trek-Con, China
113. How many times have you failed to get the driving-license? failed the practical once *beinghonest*
114. Do you eat the stem of broccoli? ;-) delicious
115. Where would you like to move to later? I love travelling and could imagine living on Pico, in China, in New Zealand for a while...definitely near the ocean. But I also love coming back to Jena, I like it here
116. Ever played hockey? nope but that might change *lol*
117. Prefer dog or cat? I love both....I have got both...but I like cats a lil' bit more, though
118. Prefer boy or girl? girl ;o)
119. CD/cassette? CD
120. pen/pencil? pen for writing, pencil for drawing
121. Big disco or Undergroundclub? I don't like that in general
122. strawberry/lemon? strawberry
123. Prefer winter or summer? fall
124. Why?Because the weather is still warm and good and it's so colorful. Besides: summer. Why? Good question...because it's not as wet as in winter
125. Beach and ocean or mountains? Man I love both........go to Pico or Corsica, there is really, I love both very much each because of their own reasons. I don't like flat land for longterm, though, I just grew up in the hills.
126. chocolate or chips/crips? Chocolate!!!
127. Do you have plants in your room? not at the moment
128. Do you often watch TV? no, actually I only watch Voyager and Enterprise and sometimes a video or DVD
129. Do you think there's alien life on Mars? on mars? NO WAY! Somewhere in the universe, for sure, but not on mars
130. Do you prefer sunsets or stars? Well, I really do love both! But you can sit longer watching the stars...but sunsets are generally so beautiful and romantic *sighs*
131. Your dream of luck? My personal one? That I can do what I together with the right person
132. What do you think shows you, if you can trust somebody? dunno, I just do or I don't
133. Every thought about getting the world domination? *g* hey why not? *g*. no, to be serious, I don't want that. Changing the world, yes! But not the domination
134. What do you most like about yourself? that I love doing everything by myself and that I have so many interests, that I believe in me that I can do my way - doesn't matter what everybody else says
135. Are you able to bake and does it taste good? ;-) sure thing, with mixture (you just need to add an egg and some milk)
136. party or comfortable evening with friends at home? nice evening.......I don't like to party, I mean not what everybody understands under "party". I don't have any problems with a lot of fun and laughing and...
137. Mc Donalds or Burgerking? KFC, and as we don't have it here: McDonald's
138. Do you think it's important to listen to your feelings and use the moment? YUP
139. Vanilla/chocolate? Stracciatella
140. silence/noise silence, I don't like too much noise but neither total silence
141. ARD/Pro7? I don't really care...
142. short/long hair? long for me...with depends how it fits, don't really care
143. Sado/Maso? huh?
144. taking a shower/a bath? taking a long as possible....or taking a bath?...*lol*
145. Lucky/Whiskeys? *againdunno*
146. Gyros/Döner? don't like both
147. car/Bus? bike, that's more nonpolluting, and generally you're faster
148. awaking early/going to bed late Going to bed late, 'cause I'm a total night person and being the most productive past 10 p.m.; luckily I can sleep long, now
149. When is your going-to-bed-time? er...that changes...
150. Which friend is living farest away? Yi, Lin Yue and Shen Siyun in China, Melissa in NZ, John in America
151. Where do you see yourself in 10 years Somewhere in the world with ocean beneath my feet

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