movies of my life
01. A movie... from your earliest childood.
Meister Dachs und seine Freunde

02. Movies... which so assocciate with your big love.
Pulp Fiction
Don Juan

03. A movie... which reminds you on a holiday.
Fluch der Karibik

04. A movie... of which you wouldn't say loud in the puplic, that you like it.
Er, the on or other lovestory or Bollywood, but actually I don't have a big problem saying that I like them.

05. A movie... which you probably have watched the most in your life.
Lorf of the rings
several Disney-Filme

06. A movie... that represends one of your favorite actors.
Dead Poets Society
Good Will Hunting

07. A movie... which somehow represents yourself or you feel being understood in a certain way.
Hm good question.
Dead Poets Society
Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei

08. A movie... which reminds you on a special occassion (and which).
Lord of the rings
and I fell asleep, even though I said before that watching a movie is better to waste your time than sleeping.

09. A movie... which you like and which is Horror/Thriller.
Das Experiment

10. A movie... which is your favorite movie at the moment.
Finding Neverland
Pirates of the Caribbean II
Sommer vorm Balkon

11. A movie... which you would widmen your best friend.
Sommer vorm Balkon

12. A movie... of which you have the feeling nobody else likes watching it.
Einstein Junior

13. A movie... which you most like because of its content.
actually all ;o)

14. A movie... which is neither from Hollywood nor Europe and which you like.

15. A movie... which you think is one of the best of all times.
Lord of the rings-Triology
Das Boot

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