Credits and special thanks

The images used on the website were made by me with Adobe Photoshop 5.5 and Micrografx Picture Publisher 8. That's why they are copyright by me.
The webspace is hosted by Strato
Guestbook and Shoutbox are by iboox und MyShoutbox.

Pictures used on the startpage, in texts or on the banners were found in the Internet trough several search engines. Therefor they are NOT mine and I use them non-commercial. I don't want to overgo any copyrights! If this is the case, I'm very sorry and if you tell me I will delete them imediately.

Some tools and tutorials I used were by

I wanted you to know that this website has been made with very very much hard work. That's why everything is under copyright, I hope you unterstand. Please don't take any texts or pictures without asking except it's explicitly said that you can use them. In fact asking isn't so hard and doesn't cost anything.

I also wanted to thank Thomas Langer because he helped me a lot while creating this website and gave me good advices and because I got the idea for this layout from one of his homepage and got permission to use it.
Further I say thank you to everybody who helped me in any way.

Special thanks go to my parents because they make everything possible and they support me very much, and they go to my best friend Tanja, because without her I probably wouldn't be where I am today and she's always there for advice. Thank you!

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