Kia ora!

This's my new portfolio, where you may have a look at all my pictures I've done so far. Use the movie-stripe to navigate.

But notice: Copy and die! You are not allowed to take any of the pics without my permission, nor publish or modify them in any way! If you want to use any for e.g. your website, just ask me (c'mon, it's not that hard)

Have fun and if you like it, please drop by and sign my guestbook. =)

December 25 2004

I havn't updated for a while but still I've been busy drawing. So I have a whole bunch to update now, kinda as a xmas gift to you.
Added 3 pictures in the FanArt-part dedicated to the anime-series "Case Closed" and another to the TV-series "Xiao shi yi lang". Also made a new pic for the Original-section and a sketch
But the most important thing I've to update is a great Pic showing a girl and an aurora in the background. All in all I added 9 pictures.

October 27 2004

I updated 5 pictures. 2 of them are chibi self-portraits, one is a Halloween-Picture and one shows sketches of my doggie Belana. The 5th pic I updated is a FanArt of the TV- and Manga-series "Detective Conan".