Why I have chosen to go to this school

Iíve been interested in science since my childhood and already in primary school my favorite subject was math and I loved to learn about nature and how the other things work. Because my dad and my teacher had told me about this special part for maths and sciences, I became interested in this kind of school. I decided to go to the normal part of the Carl Zeiss Gymnasium in order to change to the special part in year 7. It wasnít important to me, that the school was at the other end of the city, I really wanted to get the chance to learn more about science than the other kids.
When I got to year 7 and finally changed to the special class, I had almost forgotten why I wanted to go there. That was because in my old class almost all my classmated didnít like to learn and had completely different interests than maths, biology and physics, which I didnít really share. But with my new class it changed completlely, I now wanted to learn more and more again, everybody in my class does the same. My friends have got the same interests like me and everyone in this class really wants to be there. Thatís why the lessons are better, more efficent, and the teachers donít have any problems. This is another big reason, why I want to be in this school. Every single student in my class is an individualist for his or her own, but nevertheless the class holds together. My best friend(s) share interests with me and they help me, if I have got any problems with a topic. This is very important to me. For many students and teachers it seems to be the most important thing to take part in competitions. But I donít think so. I think the most important thing is to have fun and very deep interests in science, but you donít need to be good in competitions. And itís important that you accept every single student, even if he is a complete individualist and seems to be a bit weird. I for my point of view think, that you need to be a bit weird to go to a special school for maths and science, and I enjoy it. I am weird and everyone else is, so it doesnít matter.

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