Smileys, acronyms and initialism

As I often use the internet, smileys are pretty important for me. I use the "normal" smileys and modifications of these. I also use japanese smileys very often. Following there are some of the smileys I use the most often and an explanation. Of course I don't only use these but a whole lot more.

:), =)smiling, being happy, good moodI use it pretty often, adequate to my character
:(, :'(, ;(sad, unhappy, grieving, crying
;)winkingexpresses usually my good mood; don't take sth. too serious
;o), ;o)=)"Pignose"grinning widely, laughing, sth. isn't meant serious or bad
^^, ^_^grinning, good moodthe smiley I use the most often, "everything is fine", "I'm happy"
-.-closed eyes"nooo comment...", sometimes annoyed
T_Tcryingdeep sadness
O.o, O.Olooking sceptical, eyes opened widely"what?", "uhm...yeah", shocked, "no comment...", extremely asthonised
^^°, ^^'sweatingsth. is embarrasing, I said sth. wrong, being ashamed
XDclosed eyes, laughing"don't take it serious", laughing, being very happy
:Dlaughing, smiling

Furthermore I really love using acronyms and the little "stars" and I'm pretty good in inventing new ones. Besides abbreviations they often are activities or feelings and thoughts. Those don't need any further explanation most of the time as they are selfexplanatory.

*lol*laughing out loudlyI think sth. exremely funny; somtimes with eve more "o"s to express the hilariousness
*rofl*rolling on the floor laughingcumulation of *lol*, sth. is damned funny
*topple*sth. said is so stupid/typical, that it's unexpected or shocked or it doesn't need any further comments
*nocomment*etwas braucht nicht weiter Kommentiert werden
*drop*I'm ashamed of sth., sth. is embarrasing, sth. said is akward, not important
*shrug*no idea
*chuckingaway*...for laughingculmination of *rofl* and I think it's extremely hilarious (most often used in German: *wegschmeisz*)
*puppyeyes*please don't be angry with me, I want sth., I make big eyes and look pretty lovely (most often used in German: *mietzekätzchenblick*)
*blubb*I don't have sth. comprehensive to say, "I'm still here, and you?", I'm bored, sometimes I "bubble" just for fun

wbWelcome backwhen somebody went offline/away and returns in a short time
rewhen somebody or I went away and returns; I German also "elch", "reh", "hirsch" or other animals
np, nmno problem, never mind that doesn't matter
brbbe right backI'm away for a moment and soon (between 2 min and 2h) back
baba, 886byebyewhen I or somebody else leaves

I've often been asked what "886" means. This abbreviation is from the chinese chat-language and alludes to the pronounciation. "8" is pronounced "ba" in chinese. Therefore "88" is "baba" which sounds similar to the English "byebye". "6" is pronounced "lui" and is similar to the Chinese "le", which is a syllable that indicates that something is ended. For one "6" makes the pronounciation of "ba ba lui" more comfortable and secondly it indicates that you are really leaving. "886" simply means nothing more than "bye".

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