Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens)

Zoological classification:
realm: animals
phylum: Chordaanimals (Chordata)
subphylum: vertebrate (Vertebrata)
class: mammals (Mammalia)
order: carnivores (Carnivora)
family: Procyonidae
subfamily: Ailurus

Habitat: southern edge of Himalaya, from Nepal to the chinese provences Yunnan and Sezhuan

Lenght: 25.2' (64cm)

Tail length: 23.6' (60cm)

Weight: 9.92lb (4.5kg)

Life expectancy: unknown

food: bamboo shoots, weeds, fruits, roots, beeries

group size: 1 animal

new generation: 1-4 young

other characteristics: The Red Panda is only indirectly relative to the Giant Panda. Characteristic are the pointy ears, the color of the fur and the bushy tail. It reminds of a raccoon. The Red Panda is sensetive to heat. Therefore it sleeps in the trees during the warm daytime.

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