Considerations about regulations of boat-traffic off the south coast of Pico/Azores

During my stays on the Azores we collected data of Cetaceans and analyzed it. Already during our time on Pico we noticed a high occurance and frequency of whalewatching-vessels. Due to this we started this project. It suggests fixed routes for the vessels from Lajes do Pico, which are installed according to the collected data. In this way we want to prevent stress, possible migration and changes of behavior of the cetaceans of the Azores.
The projects startet in summer 2004 and has participaded in several environmental competitions in different versions and had been presented on EAAM conference in the Netherlands in March 2005.

The latest version is from INEPO 2006. This also included the data from summer 2005.

>> summery of the project

  • Jugend forscht 2005 (German, 34 pages, pdf 2,23MB)
  • European Association of Aquatic Mammals (EAAM) 2005 (30 pages, pdf 2,11MB)
  • BundesUmweltWettbewerb 2005 (German, pdf 2,55MB)
  • Seminarfacharbeit on Carl Zeiss Gymnasium 2004/2005 (German, 95 pages, pdf 3,35MB)
  • International Environmental Project Olympiade (INEPO) 2006 (60 pages, pdf 10MB)

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