Blue Whale (Balaenoptera musculus)

Zoological classification:
realm: animals
phylum: Chordaanimals (Chordata)
subphylum: vertebrate (Vertebrata)
class: mammals (Mammalia)
order: whales (Cetacea)
suborder: baleen whales (Mysticeti)
family: balaenopterids (Balaenopteridae)

Habitat: Northern Atlantic Ocean, Northern Pacific Ocean, southern hemisphere

Lenght: up to 98.43' (30 m)

Weight: 220462-352739 lb (100-160t)

Life expectancy: in the wild male 29 years (up to 50-60 years) and female 50 years (up to 80-90 years)

food: zoo plancton

group size: 1-2

Submerged depth: more than 492' (150 m)

dipping duration: 5-20 min

other characteristics: The Blue Whale is the biggest animal and mammal of the world. It's length is almost as long as a Boing 737 and it can weight as much as 30 elephants. Because of whaling until 1966 the Blue Whale is highly endangered and near extinction. It's population is estimated about less then 3000 worldwide. Nevertheless meat of the Blue Whale is selled as another whale's meat in Japan.

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