The phoenix is an exotic bird known from myths and legends. At the end of its life it burns itself and is reburn from its ashes. The phoenix symbolizes inmortality and eternity.
The sign of zodiac of the phoenix has been WILLKÜRLICH FESTGELEGT by voyagers, like many signs in the southern hemisphere. When they e.g. travelled to Java and Sumatra, they named the signs of zodiac after exotic animals of the islands. The Phoenix is seen throughout the whole year from the southern pole up to approximately 50° southern latidude. Until 31° nothern latitude it is seen some times of the year and from 51° northern latitude it isn't seen at all.

Ankaa is the lightest star in the sign of zodiac and therefore the alpha-star. It is about 77ly from earth. Other names are lpha Phoenicis and Lucida Cymbae

If often use "Ankaa" as a nickname in chats and message-boards in the internet. I like the name because it's similar to my own name and it has something to do with astronomy.

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